How I Apply Recovery In My Life

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Recovery. The word alone takes on many different facets in the “ANONYMOUS PROGRAMS”. I will share the simple way that I apply it to my life. I base it on the way I perceive the word Recovery.  I am going to let you all know a little secret. Recovery should be considered an everyday thing for all of us for the rest of our lives. That’s all of us who identify as addicts, and those who don’t identify as addicts equally.  For me, recovery simply means that I must recovery every single day from the previous day. All the things I did wrong the previous day, I need to correct them. All the things I did right the previous day, I need to enhance them by adding on to them.

Many people equate the word “RECOVERY” to the field of alcohol and drug addiction. I am so blessed that I no longer think this way. I've come to realize that I had, and still have, so many deficiencies to recovery from. Outside of the obvious, my drug addiction, I discovered I had some underlying issues that I need to recover from in order for me to have a prosperous life. One of those was my way of thinking. My method of thinking, ie. Police, Teachers, Preachers, Politicians, Government, hell – even my Parents etc. For so many years that sort of thinking prohibited me from becoming the man I am toay. I viewed authority figures as punishers. Come to find out, they are the individuals that really help keep the peace and order for those individuals who seek peace and order. Of course I was not one of those people at that time. Another thing I had to recover from was my lack in belief in myself. I didn’t believe I could do anything other than what others told me I could do. If you told me I couldn’t do something, then I wouldn't attempt it. That kept me in self-bondage. I had no high hopes or high expectations for myself.

Ask yourself, “What is it that I need to recover from?”  I plead with you, recover from that sort of distorted thinking, and restore your mind, body and spirit. Challenge yourself. Recover from the previous day for the remainder of your life. You’ll become a better person and you’ll affect more people. Most importantly, you’ll affect yourself and be more positive and healthy.

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How I Apply Recovery In My Life

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