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Do you ever feel like breaking something? Like the pain inside is so bad that the only outlet you have is to find something, hopefully something fragile, that you can break into a million pieces. Kind of like you're feeling side. A million little pieces of shard that gouge and damage whatever it is that you throw it against. Well, you aren't alone. This is what emotional pain can feel like, if you chose to experience it. And this is why we spend so much time avoiding our emotional pain and partaking in dysfunction behaviors like excess drugs and alcohol, meaningless sex, or other painful behaviors like cutting.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE. This pain is universal.

Guess what?!?! These feelings...they pass if we let them. As soon as we are aware. Yes, aware that we are experiencing emotional pain, we have the power to shift our focus to our power. There isn't another situation in the universe that we would ever let the devil win. But with emotional pain we think there are no option. It's not true. We are so powerful that we can change our focus at will. We can chose to do something different. Reach out and help someone. Hug our child. Spend time with our pet. So many things that bring joy to our life instead of suffering. I challenge you to step away from your pain and share love with those that feel like you. Spread hope instead of despair. Spread love instead instead of pain.

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