Let Go!

Is it time in your life to release something or someone? How do we know when it's time? I can be impulsive and I know this has caused me painful consequences in the past. So how do I know if my desire to let go is an impulse to avoid painful emotions or if it's my gut, or Wise Mind, letting me know that it's time to move on?

For those of us that have a pattern of being impulsive, leaning to trust ourselves is a daily struggle. Using our Wise Mind is key to learning to trust. You see, our Wise Mind is the beautiful balanced spot where our head (Rational Mind) and our heart (Emotion Mind) come together to give us guidance to behave in a way that helps us reach our ultimate goal. For example: Does experiencing the pain of ending a relationship makes sense? Well if the pain of the continued relationship is more than the pain of ending it, then yes it does! That's Wise Mind!

So let's all be strong and practice letting go of the relationships or commitments that no longer serve our highest self. Practice Wise Mind to manage any impulsivity that you're prone to, and build a life that inspires you instead of holds you down.

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