Go fly a kite!!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Up until recently I felt like everything in my life was telling me to go fly a kite! Nothing seemed to work out quite the way I wanted it to. And then I remembered some wise words a friend told me, if you’re trying so hard maybe it’s not supposed to happen.

So a week ago I found myself flying a kite on the beach in southern Oregon, and the statement “go fly a kite” took on a whole new meaning for me. It was so easy to be there and the people I was with really wanted me to be there. It helped me to remember that if it’s just too difficult to get what you need from certain people then maybe those aren’t the people that you should have in your life.

So I share with you and I’ll remind myself that when we are feeling overwhelmed and things aren't going our way, we can “go fly a kite!”

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