Get Out of My Head!

I don't think I'm special when I share with you how much of my life I've spent in my head. I can analyze anything down to the atoms that make it up. This can take me to negative places. "Think positive" just doesn't seem possible when I can't change facts and I don't like the facts I'm working with. "Focus on something else" is just as useless. Really I'm just dancing around the main subject in my mind and this wears me out!

I have found one thing that really does help me. Doing something. Anything! What I'v figured out is that, for me, I cannot think myself out of a thinking problem. I have to DO some sort of activity to give my mind the break it needs to process through whatever has caught my attention. Vacuum. Hang upside down in my yoga swing. Wash the dog. Whatever it is, it distracts me long enough from my troubles that I'm able to find acceptance of my situation and move forward. Finally some peace of mind!

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